Full speech: Dr. Luther Castillo on the Crisis in Honduras – November 2009

Posted on November 25, 2009

Dr. Luther Castillo

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Dr. Luther Castillo speaks on the Crisis in Honduras
San Francisco – November 2009

Dr. Luther Castillo is a spokesperson for the National Front Against the Coup, a coalition of various civil society organizations and individuals who oppose the June 28th, 2009 coup in Honduras, and advocate for a popular constitutional assembly as the resolution to the crisis. Dr. Castillo graduated in 2005 from the Latin American Medical School in Havana, Cuba. He then returned to his homeland of Miskitia on the Honduran coast, where he led construction of Honduras’ first Garifuna Rural Hospital. The project now serves over 20,000 people in the surrounding communities. In 2007, Dr. Castillo was named “Honduran Doctor of the Year” by Rotary International’s Tegucigalpa chapter. He is featured prominently in the award winning documentary Salud. Dr. Luther Castillo spoke at San Francisco’s Centro del Pueblo in mid-November.

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