May 22 2012- La Raza Chronicles- KPFA-FM

Posted on May 25, 2012

Tuesdays at 7:00pm, Cronicas De La Raza comes to you con entrevistas, cultura y musica de la comunidad sin fronteras.

Art of the week: Perro Pugaso by Rupert Garcia

Tonight’s program focuses on the struggle for multicultural education with excerpts from “Precious Knowledge”, a documentary film that documents the resistance in Arizona to the shutting down of a successful school program; Mexican American studies –or MAS as it was known as.
We will offer listeners who donate to KPFA a thank you gift of a DVD copy of this important and beautifully crafted documentary “Precious Knowledge”.
 We will also feature a live conversation with veteran photo journalist, Lou Dematteis, just back from the Amazon in Ecuador.  We will be discussing his book, “ Crude Reflections.” Lou Dematteiss’ photos show not only the beauty of the land and the people of the rainforest, but the also of the devastating effect on the land and the people of oil extractions by Texaco and Chevron. We will also learn of his latest findings on this last trip and the status of the restitution campaigns against the oil corporations.
La Raza Chronicles offers you a copy of this beautiful book of photos in Black and white and color and its interesting texts as a thank you gift for donating to KPFA and supporting la Raza Chronicles. You can donate safely online at

Listen and enjoy!    Produced by Julieta Kusnir, Vanessa Bohm, Nina Serrano, CTone on the website and Jill Montgomery at the controls.

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