Re: Endorsers of Artists Against Arizona’s SB 1070 as of 5/22/2010

Posted on May 22, 2010

Dear Arts Community Member, 

Please sign this petition below and pass it on to all your contacts.  Thank you. Stop racial profiling before it is too late. 
“United we stand or divided we fall.”
There is some great poetry at on Facebook see:       Nina Serrano

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From: Artists against Arizona <>
Date: Fri, May 21, 2010 at 10:38 P
Subject: Endorsers of Artists Against Arizona’s SB 1070 as of 5/22/2010
To: Artists against Arizona <>

Endorsers of Artists Against Arizona’s SB 1070  as of  5/22/2010


Please post widely & ask the Writers, Dee-Jays, Singers, Actors, Sculptors, Photographers, Musicians and Artists of all kinds to sign-on to use their artistry as a weapon against Arizona’s anti-immigrant law SB1070


To Sign-on & Endorse this Campaign as an organization, group or as an individual; please send your:  Name, Title/Affiliation/Union and City & State or Country to:


To follow us on Facebook see:



Endorsers of Artists Against Arizona’s SB 1070 as of 5/22/2010


Absent Cause zine, Brooklyn, NY

Actor Slash Model/Riot Acts, Chicago, IL

Adelaide Windsome/ Geppetta, Multimedia Artist, Puppeteer, & Street Performer, Philadelphia, PA

Adhamh Roland, Singer/Songwriter/Activist Berkeley, CA, African Family Film Founation/African Family Children’s Fund, Santa Cruz CA

Alan Barysh, Performance Poet, Author of Mr. Magoo in Hell, President of Gimmie Shelter Productions

Alan Bickley, Member of AFTRA, NWU, and OAH

Alexander Billet, Music Journalist and Writer, Rebel Frequencies, Chicago, IL

Alfredo Arreguin, Artist, Seattle, WA

Alison Roh Park, Writer, New York, NY

Allison Davis, New York, NY

Amber Garlan, St. Paul, MN

Anado McLauchlin, Artist, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Analee Pepper, Writer, San Francisco, CA

Andre Antonio, Yanina Ibarguen, Street Scene, Phatefx, Panama City, Panama

Andrew Wolter, Writer, Phoenix, AZ

Andria Alefhi, Creator of the zine: We’ll Never Have Paris, NY, NY

Angela Jimenez, Photographer/Freelance, Brooklyn, New York

Angie Reed Garner, Painter, Louisville, KY

Annah Anti-Palindrome, Musician/Sound-Artist, Oakland, CA

Annalise Ophelian, Psy.D., Director/Producer, Diagnosing Difference, Floating Ophelia Productions, LLC

Annette Sexton-Ruiz, Painter, Muralist, Ceramicist, Phoenix, Arizona

ArtAndStruggle.Com, Artist & Activist Collective

Audrey Lehmann, Ph.D, Expressive Arts Therapist, OR

Auggie Kennedy, Chico, CA

B.J. Buckley, Poet and Writer, Lolo, MT

Barbara Dane, 83 year old Blues, Jazz and Folk Singer and Lifetime Activist, Oakland, CA

Barry Weiser, Photographer, Weiser Communications Inc. New York, New York

Bernard J. Tarver, Actor/Writer, Member: AFTRA/AEA/SAG, New York, NY

Beryl Landau, Painter, San Francisco, CA

Bet Power, Director & Curator, Sexual Minorities Archives, National collection of LGBTI literature, history, and art.

Bethany Trombly, Founder of BodyMindFull, Dancer/Perfomance Artist, Oakland, CA

Betty and Peter Michelozzi, Aptos, California

Betty Nobue Kano, Painter, Berkeley, CA

Beverly Smith, Mss. Specialist, Cottonwood AZ

Bobby Furst, Assemblage Artist, Mixed Media, Joshua Tree, CA

Booh Edouardo, Writer/Student, San Francisco, CA

Bound to Struggle: Where Kink and Radical Politics Meet, Chicago, IL

Brandon King, Community Organizer/Activist/Visual Artist- Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, New York, NY

Brian [S Sherman], Founder, Available Resources Band

Camilo Perez Bustillo

Carlos Miranda-Garcia-Tejedor, Madrid, Spain

Carmelita Tropicana, Performance Artist, New York City

Carne Cruda (band), Oakland, CA

Carolina Juárez, Educator, Visual Artist, Vice Chair Latino Advisory Council, Oakland Museum of CA, Oakland, CA

Carolyn E Krause, Artist, La Quinta, CA

Cate Bourke, Ceramic/Installation Artist, East Hartford, Connecticut

Cecile Pineda, Writer, Theater-maker   

Cecilia Mitchell, Writer, Atlanta, GA

Cecilia P Norris, Two spirited Native, First Peoples & Indigenous rights Activist, Writer, Slam Poet, Chapel Hill, NC

Celeste Chan, Multimedia Artist and Organizer, San Francisco, CA

Charles Bee, Author and Artist, Kassel, Germany

Charles M. Wilmoth, San Francisco, CA

Chicahuac Necahuatl, Poet/Writer/Activist Wichita, KS

Chino Rios, Community Organizer, Queer Youth Activist, and Performing Artist, Springfield, MA.

Chischilly Pottery, Bisbee, AZ

Chris Tashima, Actor and Director, Member: SAG/AFTRA/AEA/DGA/SDC, Los Angeles, CA

Christine Clark, Writer, Henderson, NV

Christine Granados, Writer, Rockdale, Texas

Christine Stoddard, Writer and Interdisciplinary Artist, Richmond, VA

Christopher Francisco, Performance Artist

Chuck Mohan, President, Guyanese American Workers United

Claude Marks, Documentary Producer, Freedom Archives, San Francisco, CA

Constance Garcia-Barrio, Ph.D., Lecturer, Community College of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA

Copycat Theatre, Baltimore, MD

Cynthia Cruz, Poet, Brooklyn, New York

D. H. Fabian, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin

Dan Koon, Mountain View, CA 

Dana Bellwether, Lakeport, CA

Dana Morrigan, Managing Editor,, San Rafael, CA

Dante Alencastre, Filmmaker, En El Fuego(In The Fire), Los Angeles, CA

Daphne Gottlieb, Writer, San Francisco, CA

Darla Masterson, Artist, Tucson, AZ.

Darren Hadlock, Vocals/Keyboards for tranceMECHANIC, Albany, OR

David  “Spoonboy” Combs, Singer/Songwriter, Washington, D.C.

David Pérez, Writer/Editor/Activist/Actor Taos, New Mexico

Deborah Stucklen

Deirdre Sinnott, Writer, New York, NY

Denise Solis, Co-Artistic Director, Musician, Las Bomberas de la Bahia – Afro Puerto Rican Bomba Ensemble

Dennis Formento, Poet

Diane Raptosh, Professor of English, College of Idaho, Caldwell, ID 

Diane Roebuck McNaron, Singer, Stage Director, Voice Coach, Birmingham, AL

D’Lo ,Theater Artist/Writer/Comedian, D’LocoKid Productions, Los Angeles, CA

Dorian Katz, Art Practice Graduate Student, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Dorinda Moreno, Cultural Liaison, Poet, Human Rights Advocate, Oakland, CA

Dorothy Randall Gray, Writer & Executive Director of Heartland Institute, Los Angeles, CA

Douglas Fowley Jr., Actor, Los Angeles, California

Dr Sam Noumoff, University Professor (Retired)

Dr. Joyce Miller, New York, New York

Ed Bland, Osmund Music Inc, Smithfield VA

Ed Robertson, Bellingham, Washington

Eddy Pay, Petaluma

Edmonton Small Press Association (ESPA), Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Edmund Light, California

Edward Childs, Unite-Here Local 26, International Action Center, Documentary, Producer, Boston, MA

Elaine Carol, Artistic Director, MISCELLANEOUS Productions, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Elaine Mayer, Writer, Rochester, MN

Eleanor Bader, Journalist, Brooklyn, NY

Eli the Alibi, Musician/Writer/Radio DJ Riverside, CA

Elizabeth Julia Stoumen, Writer, International Women’s Writing Guild, New York, NY

Elizabeth Milos, Spanish Medical-Legal Interpreter, San Francisco, CA

Ellen Vogel, Sculptor, San Francisco, CA

Elliott Harvey, Vocalist & Writer of A Stick and A Stone, Philadelphia, PA

Encian Pastel, Storyteller, Oakland, CA

Eric A. Gordon, Writer and Biographer, Los Angeles, CA

Eric Johns, Creator Dildo Machine zine & Filmmaker, Questionable Productions, Olney, Maryland

Erik-Anders Nilsson, President, Jersey City Acting Collective, Jersey City, New Jersey

Ester Hernandez, Visual Artist, San Francisco, CA

Evan Greer, Singer/Songwriter, Riot-Folk! Collective, AFM Local 1000, Boston, MA

Flo Oy Wong, Artist, Asian American Women Artists Association, Sunnyvale, CA

Frances Varian,   Poet, Essayist, Performer, Activist.  Durham, North Carolina

Francisco Herrera, Trabajo Cultural Caminante

Francisco X. Alarcon, Educator/Poet, University of California, Davis

Frank Espada, Puerto Rican Diaspora Documentary, San Francisco, CA

Frank R. Scott III, Santa Ana, CA

Freedom Train Productions, NYC

Gene Glickman, Conductor Harmonic Insurgence Chorus, Brooklyn, NY

Gina de Vries, Writer/Performer, San Francisco, CA

Ginger Lynn Chapman, Writer, Portland, OR

Good Asian Drivers Brooklyn, NY

Gordon Johnston, Writer, Portland, Oregon

Gregory Johnson, Painter and Potter, Machias, Maine

Guillermo Gomez-Peña, Artist, Writer, La Pocha Nostra, San Francisco, CA

Gunner Scott, Founder/Producer, X Gender Productions, Boston, MA
Heather Cottin, Singer, Activist with the May 1st Coalition for Worker and Immigrant Rights, Freeport, NY

Hans Ostrom, Writer, Tacoma, Washington

Harriet Ford, Maitri Jewelry, Tannersville, PA

Helen Klonaris, Writer, Bahamas Writers Summer Institute & The AHA Collective, Oakland, CA and Nassau, Bahamas

Henry Braun, Poet in the woods of Maine

Henry Mills, Poet/Musician, Silver Spring, MD

Heron Boyce, Sculptor, Biodynamic / Organic Farmer, Environmental Activist, Dames Quarter, MD

homoTiller Media Industries, San Francisco CA

Ignacio G. Rivera, Poly Patao Productions, Brooklyn, NY

Imani Henry, Activist, Writer, Performer, Brooklyn, NY

IMARI   DuSauzay, Photographer/Art Educator

International Tribunal of Conscience

Isaac Artenstein, Filmmaker; San Diego, CA

J.M. Giordano, Photographer, Baltimore, MD

J.S. Levario, Video Maker, Mexico City

Jae Sevelius, PhD, UCSF, San Francisco, CA

Jaimie Hashey, Editor and Writer of ButtRagMag, Musician with Burglepig

James Israel, The James Israel Band & Publisher, Humor Times Sacramento, CA

James W. “Jimmy Jam” Johnson Jr., Albany, NY

Jamez Terry, Storyteller, Poet, and Fiddle Player, Somerville, MA

Jan Cook, Visual Artist, Vallejo, CA

Janet Mayes, Ph.D., International Action Center, Writer, Psychologist

Jaynis Guevara, Concord, NC

Jeanne D Shaw, Artist, Croton On Hudson, NY

Jen Cross, Founder/Facilitator, Writing Ourselves Whole, San Francisco, CA

Jenna Brager, Cartoonist, Washington DC

Jennifer Cole, Artist, Austin, TX

Jennifer Ruggiero, Photographer and Videographer, Wonder Valley, CA

Jenny Lynn McNutt, Artist, Brooklyn, NY

Jesus Cruzvillegas, Cultural Promoter, Mexico City

Jim Smith, Poet, Writer, Free Venice Beachhead, Venice, California

Joe Carpenter, Writer, Anarchist, Grants Pass, OR

Joe Uehlein, Artist, Musician

John Bernard, Professor Emeritus of English, University of Houston, South Portland, ME

John Dumser, Singer/Songwriter

John E. Norem, Tucson, AZ

John Lavine, Editor/ Art Director, Black & White Magazine, Color Magazine, Novato, California

Jonathan Wolfel, Independent Artist, Tucson, Arizona

Joseph McAnney,  Stone Art, Congress, AZ

Josie Taglienti, Visual Artist, Phoenix, AZ.

Juan Tejeda, Musician/Conjunto Aztlan, San Antonio, TX

Judith Berlowitz, Ph.D, The Alto Nation, Oakland Symphony Chorus, Oakland, Califas

Judith Williams Sandoval, Photographer, San Francisco, CA

Jules Rosskam, Artist/Educator/Activist, Brooklyn, NY

Juli Wood, Musician, Chicago, IL

Julia Murray, Writer, Sierra Vista, Arizona

Julie Dunn Fine Art, Atascadero, CA

Julius Gordon, Artist, Tucson, AZ

K. Ulanday Barrett, Educator/Performance Poet/Speaker/Writer, Jersey City. NJ.

Karen Johnson, All Washed Up jewelry, Machias, Maine

Karen Pinto, Assistant Professor, Dept. of History, Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PA

Karen Tornoe, Painter, Savannah/GA

Kathe Garbrick, Artist, Manhattan, KS

Katrín Kinga Jósefsdóttir, Reykjavík, Iceland

Kelly Shortandqueer, Zinester, Shortandqueer Zine, Denver, CO

Ken Narasaki, Actor/Writer, SAG/AFTRA/AEA, Los Angeles, CA
Larry Gerber,Artist/Educator  Sedona,Arizona

Kentucky Fried Woman, Dancer, Performer & Producer, Oakland CA

Khalil Khan, Movement in Motion

Kim Pickens, Mama/Artist/Activist/Poet, Houston,Tejas

Koba, Hip-Hop Producer and Performer, Harlem, NY
Laura-Marie, Creator of mental health zine, Functionally Ill, Sacramento, CA

Kostja Schibrowski, Installation Artist, Leipzig, Germany

Lallan Schoenstein, LaborGrafix, New York, NY

Larry Malu Filmmaker, NY, NY

Las Bomberas de la Bahia – Afro Puerto Rican Bomba Ensemble

Laura C. Alonso, Writer, Chicago, IL

Laura Schleifer, Writer/Theater Artist, New York, NY

Laurence Ebersole, Human Rights Poet & Counselor, Seattle, WA

Laurinda Mayer, SFCC, Foundation for Honduras, Pro-Papa, Honduras, Central America

Lee Sharkey, Poet, Editor Beloit Poetry Journal

Lena Bartula, Artist, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Leslie Feinberg, Nat’l Writers Union-UAW, Co-Founder Rainbow Flags for Mumia

Lewis Wallace, Writer and Activist, Chicago, IL

Linda Rodriguez, Writer, Kansas City, MO

Lorrie Sprecher, Ph.D., Writer and Musician, Author of the novel Sister Safety Pin, Syracuse, NY

Lucy R. Lippard, Writer, Galisteo, New Mexico

Luis Deveze , Actor,  Independent, Los Angeles, CA

Lydia Howell, Poet, Writer, Broadcast Journalist, KFAI Community Radio* (ID Purpose Only), Minneapolis, MN

Lyle Linder, Independent Artist

Lyn X, Artistic Director, Edmonton Small Press Association (ESPA), Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Lynn Susholtz, Owner/Director, Stone Paper Scissors, Art Produce Gallery, San Diego, CA

Madeleine Egger a.k.a. Madeleine Michele, Poet, Writer, Union City, NJ

Madeline Shaw, Actor, AEA, SAG, AFTRA  Slate Hill NY

Magué Calanche, Artist, Illustrator, Designer, San Francisco, CA

Malin Laney, Photographer, Eugene, OR

Mara Goodman, Singer, Teacher of adults studying ESOL, Brooklyn, New York

Marco Albarran, Director, Calaca Cultural Center, Phoenix,AZ

Margaret Valerie Stone, Writer, CA

Margot Pepper, Author and Journalist, San Francisco, California

Marilyn Cornwell

Mark Gunnery, Singer/Songwriter/Producer, Riot Folk/Odonian Records,Baltimore, MD

Martha Froese-Kooijenga, Saskatchewan, Canada

Mental Notes – Hip Hop Fusion Band

Meryl Feigenberg, Artist/Educator, Brooklyn, NY

Mia Anderson, Actor, NY NY

Micah Riot/Maya Rivina, Artist, San Francisco, CA

Michael McIrvin, Poet/Writer, Cheyenne WY

Michael Moorcock, Novelist, Austin, Texas

Michael Murphy, Singer/Songwriter/Musician, Omaha, Nebraska

Mike Boda, Writer for (Pittsburgh Grassroots Examiner,) Pittsburgh, PA
Monica Enriquez-Enriquez, Artist, Berkeley, CA

Milos Raickovich, Composer/Conductor, New York

Minal Hajratwala, Author, San Francisco, CA

Minnie Bruce Pratt, National Writers Union, Syracuse, NY

Movimento per la società di giustizia e per la speranza, (Movement for the society of justice and hope), Italy

Nadine Dumser, Creative Editor/Writer

Nancy Ann Siracusa, New York, NY

Nancy Van Ness, Director, American Creative Dance, NYC 

Natasha Mayers, Whitefield, ME

Nellie Wong, Poet, Author and Socialist Feminist Activist, San Francisco, CA.

Nephtali  De León, Chicano Poet / Author,  Muralist / Painter

Nina Hoechtl, Artist, London and Mexico City 

Nina Moliver, PhD, Research Consultant, Registered Yoga Teacher, Boston, MA

Nina Serrano, Poet, Radio Producer, La Raza Chronicles, KPFA–fm, Oakland CA

Nomy Lamm, Writer/Musician, San Francisco, CA

NuyoRican School Original Poetry Jazz Ensemble, Inc, New York, NY

Oli P. Simon, Artist and Filmmaker, Director Meditationcamp Tibetan Centre, Hamburg, Germany

Orlonda Uffre, Visual Artist, Oakland, CA

Oscar Revilla Alguacil, Madrid, España.

Pamela Calore, Multimedia Artist, San Marcos, CA

Pamela Zulli

Patricia Barba

Patricia Roland-James, Writer, Aquila Ink Publishing, Forestville, CA

Paul Drake, Painter, New Zealand
Peter Phillips Ph.D., Prof, Sociology, Sonoma State University & Pres.,Media Freedom Foundation/Project Censored

Paul Von Blum, Art Critic/Cultural Historian/Writer, African American Studies Program, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Phil Davis, Drummer, Douglasville, GA 

Phoebe Ackley, Painter, Sculptor, Teacher, Berkeley, California

Pilar Diaz, Copycat Theatre, Baltimore, MD

Quail Bell Magazine, Richmond, VA

Queerartist, Hartford Connecticut

Rachel K. Zall, Poet/Performer/Photographer/Designer, Somerville, MA
Rafael Jesús González, Poet, Visual Artist, Latino Advisory Council, Oakland Museum of California, Berkeley, CA

Ramona Landeros, Land Arrows Productions

Red Durkin, Comedian, Oakland, CA

Reese Forbes, Photographer,St Louis, MO

Reginald Harris, Poet and Writer, Baltimore MD

Remi Kanazi, Poet, Brooklyn, NY

Richard Kamler, Artist/Director, Seeing Peace: Artists Collaborate with the United Nations, San Francisco, CA

Rima Schulkind, Sculptor, Bethesda MD

Robin Perry, Songwriter, former Phoenician now living in Australia

Roger Ellman, Composer & Scientist, The-Origin Foundation, Inc., Santa Rosa, CA

Ron Ford, Writer, Photographer, Tannersville, PA

Ron Gordon, President, Ron Gordon Communications, Inc, Morrisville, PA

Ron Jacobs, Writer

Ron Stark, Albion CA

Rosemarie Woods, Writer/Educator/Activist, Kansas City, MO

Roxana Leiva, Art Education for Social Change, El Salvador

Ruben Hernandez, Periodista, Arts Activist, Founder of Latino Cultural Center in Phoenix, AZ

Ryan Harvey – Riot-Folk! Collective, Baltimore, MD

Sally Nelson, Berkeley, CA

Sarazeta Ragazzi,Co-Artistic Director, Choreographer, Dancer, Musician,Las Bomberas de la Bahia

Seeley Quest, Writer, Performer, Organizer, Oakland, CA

SEN-ONE, Universal Zulu Nation Brooklyn,NY

Sha Grogan-Brown, Co-Founder/On Point Consortium, Washington DC

Sharon Bridgforth, Writer/Theatre Artist/Activist, Austin, Texas

Sharon Michelle Hernandez, Graphic Designer/Photographer, Miami, Florida

Sharon Siskin, Artist and Art Professor, Berkeley, CA

Shawna Virago, Musician, San Francisco, CA

Shelley Ettinger, Writer, Queens, NY

Sherry Steeves, Artist, Sandgate, VT

Siamak Vossoughi, Writer, San Francisco, CA

Siobhan Arnold, Artist and Educator, San Diego, CA

Sonny G, Street Art/Graphic Design, Bay Area, CA

Spiritchild, Founder of Movement in Motion, Artist & Activist collective

Stephen Geller, Novelist And Screenwriter, Savannah, Georgia

Steve Deasy, Singer/Songwriter, AFM Local 1000, Detroit, MI

StormMiguel Florez, Musician, Performer, Producer, San Francisco, CA

Sue Harris, Co-Director, Peoples Video Network, New York City

Suki Diamond, Clay Sculptor, Sebastopol, CA

Susan E. Davis, National Writers Union, United Auto Workers Local 1981

Susana Cook, Performance Artist, New York, NY

Swaneagle Harijan, Women In Black, Frontlinemom, Artist & Activist, Vashon, Washington

Tamar Diana Wilson, Author and Poet, La Jolla California and Los Cabos, Mexico

Tamiko Nimura, Writer, Tacoma, Washington

Teresa Basilio, Artist, Activist, Brooklyn, NY
Tha Truth, Political Hip Hop Artist, Philadelphia, PA

Tessa Micaela, Never On Time Poetry Journal, Philadelphia, PA

The Greater Washington Indie Arts Festival, Arlington, VA

The Politically Incorrect Cabaret, the only touring political satire troupe in the US

The Shondes, Brooklyn, NY

The Tranny Roadshow

Theater of Irregular Desire, Berkeley, CA

Thomas C. Rockriver, Iron Sculptor, Ironheads for Peace and Justice, Chapel Hill, NC 

Tim Duda, Activist, San Antonio, Texas

Tobi Vail, Writer and Musician, Olympia, WA

Tom Shealy

Tyrone Robinson, El Prieto/The Dark One, Artist, Henderson, NV

Unknown Click, Producer, Hip Hop Artist, Denver, CO

Vanessa Huang, Poet, Oakland, CA

Veronica Golos, Poet, New Mexico

Victoria Lewis, Filmmaker, San Francisco, CA

Viktoria Valenzuela, Host of The Fresh Ink Poets, Oswego, NY

Vondora Jordan, Singer/Writer, Harlem, NY

Walt Trask, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

YK Hong, Artist, Freedom Trainers, Brooklyn, NY

Zeraph Moore, Organizer, Bangor Media Collective, Bangor, ME





Artists Against Arizona’s SB 1070   Statement

We believe, the decision by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to sign into law the poorly conceived immigration measure SB1070, marks a new low in the fight to protect civil liberties in The United States. This law allows any officer of the law at the state, county, or city level in Arizona to determine the legal immigration status of anyone at anytime, among other provisions, including making it a crime to be in Arizona illegally.

Millions of people everywhere believe it will lead to rampant racial profiling, particularly against people of Latino/a heritage. President Obama has called it “misguided.” Furthermore, immigration is a national issue and the state of Arizona has no constitutional role in determining who has legal status in this country.

We are calling on members of the worldwide artistic community—whether visual, performing, literary or other discipline—to boycott the state of Arizona in opposition to this unjust legislation, for as long as it remains on the books. We ask artists to not perform, produce, present, appear or conduct business in Arizona so that lawmakers there understand that the rest of the country disapproves, so they will feel the economic impact of their bad decision. We call on talent agents, managers, publicists, unions and associations to also support this effort and the artists they represent who choose to join.

We also call on fans and supporters of the arts to contact their favorite performers and artists and encourage them to participate in this boycott. Fans can also show their support for the boycott by writing to Arizona Governor Brewer, and by supporting their favorite artists when they make appearances in other states.

The artistic community has a natural role to play in commenting and responding to social issues. Now more than ever the time is right to act.


To Sign-on & Endorse this Campaign as an organization, group or as an individual; please send your: Name, Title/Affiliation/Union and City & State or Country to: 1070/114160971948532?ref=ts











Please spread the word to other artists 1070/114160971948532?ref=ts

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