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Posted on April 12, 2010

Thanks I will follow up on this issue today

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Amigos: I tried the new KPFA do-it-yourself method yesterday and this morning but the website is not cooperating. Sorry. I am sending you the two recommended formats. 

Ctone: we can use the long form.

Promo La Raza Chronicles: April 13, 2010

Short form:

Featuring Interviews/music of Latin American folk fusions by Susana Baca: Afro-Peruvian, and Gabriela Frank: Classical. Calendar of events from the word on the Streets of Aztlan.

Long form

Tonight’s program features News Headlines from the Americas with a spotlight on Venezuela. We offer a variety of Latin musical genres and interviews with Susana Baca: Afro-Peruvian folk/jazz, Gabriela Lena Frank: Classical/Latin American themes and a free ticket giveaway from LoCura: Flamenco/jazz/funk fusion as well as a  Calendar of upcoming events from the word on the Streets of Aztlan. Listen and enjoy!


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