Promo La Raza Chronicles Oct 20, 2009

Posted on October 19, 2009

Promo La Raza Chronicle Oct 26, 2009 

As evening approaches darker and cooler, La Raza chronicles offers you a warm Bienvenidos with news headlines from the Americas with Vanessa Bohm, and a commentary on Honduras by Andres Thomas Conteris. We feature Carmen Andrea Rivera on the musical world of regaeton and Nina Serrano talks with honored poet Rafael Jesus Gonzalez, and we stroll through the streets of Aztlan.

Produced by Vanessa Bohm, Carmen Andrea Rivera, Ventura “Mr. Chuch” Longoria, Emiliano Echeverria, Clayton “C`tone” Leander, Julieta Kusnir  and Nina Serrano.

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