Posted on May 30, 2009

Cuba Travel Information :

The Center for Cuban Studies in New York will be providing program consultation on four professional research delegations to Cuba this summer organized by Marazul Charters, Inc. intended for full-time teachers in the social sciences (history, political science, sociology, economics, etc.)

If there is enough interest, there will also be a program for full-time art educators to participate in an art research program from July 19th to July 30th–please inquire if interested.

The social science programs are intended to provide information on Cuba’s history and the social, political, economic, and cultural life of Cuba today in such a way as to advance the research concerns of teachers in the social sciences. There will be sufficient time in any given day for further individual research as well. The trip is open only to those who qualify to travel under the Treasury Department’s “general license” category, i.e. full-time professionals doing full-time research. To qualify, a participant must be teaching full-time in the social sciences. It will provide researchers with the opportunity to meet with historians, teachers, students, social workers, artists, medical professionals, farmers, ministry officials, and civic leaders.

The final stipulation for legally traveling to Cuba is that you intend to disseminate the products of your research in some public way when you return to the U.S. This can be achieved through the classroom, and/or by writing and publishing articles in professional publications, exhibiting your work/research at public venues, and/or by participating in public forums (Center for Cuban Studies or your school for instance), or a number of other ways. Marazul Charters is the licensed travel provider and organizer of these delegations to Cuba. For more info about Marazul and legalities of travel to Cuba check out or contact Bob Guild at Marazul at .

The 2009 dates of travel to Cuba for full-time teachers in the social sciences are as follows:

First trip: Friday July 3rd—Sunday July 12th
Second trip: Sunday July 19th—Thursday July 30th
Third trip: Friday August 7th—Sunday August 16th
Fourth trip: Thursday August 20—Saturday August 29th

The approximate cost of each trip is $2200 which will vary depending on the dates of the trip (slightly more cost for the second trip) and number of participants traveling (15-20 per group). The costs include air travel from Miami, visa, land arrangements, breakfast daily and several other meals, scheduled program, bi-lingual guide, transportation, and tax-deductible contribution to the Center for Cuban Studies. (Please note the costs do not include travel arrangements from your hometown to Miami and there are no grants/scholarships available that we are aware of).

Please take a look at the photographs from the April 10-17th educator research programs for the 40 educators who participated. It was an incredible experience for all of us.

If you want to travel on one of the educator trips please:
1) Email ( your resume depicting current teaching experience (word doc attachment labeled w/your full name).
2) The summer dates you want to travel to Cuba.
3) Forward this email to as many people as you know!

Jesse Alter
Organizational Development Coordinator
Center for Cuban Studies/Cuban Art Space
231 W. 29th Street #401
New York, NY 10001
(212) 242-0559 W
(212) 242-1937 F

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