Promo may 4, 2010

Posted on May 3, 2010

 I put it up on the KPFA website. If there are problems please let me know. I can change it. Gracias.

La Raza Chronicles Promo May 4, 2010

La Raza Chronicles celebrates Cinco de Mayo on the Streets of Aztlan. We will hear: News Headlines from the Americas with a spotlight on the Salvadoran protests to the appointment to a governmental post of Jorge Melendez, who with Joaquin Villalobos murdered Salvadoran national poet Roque Dalton; a conversation with guests Marino Cordoba and Liza Smith about the internal refugee crisis in Colombia; a discussion with US immigration expert Arnoldo Garcia; and a report on the Colorado River water use in the US and Mexico.  We add music to the mix and a calendar of upcoming events. Listen and enjoy.

Produced by Nina Serrano. Vanessa Bohm, Carmen Andres Rivera, Mr. Chuch Longoria, Clayton C`tone Leander and Emiiano Echeverria.

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